My earthquake experience

Read the answer to question 15 for more description of this situation. So quite by accident, I learned that if you store a bunch of batteries in a dry place, they would still be good seven years later.

Ease of access will also affect your retrofit cost. Unlike the many tens of thousands of deaths in Haiti with some estimates placing the death toll at one in ten or higherno deaths directly attributable to the earthquake were reported in New Zealand.

Does that mean that it does not need to be strengthened? This lasted only a few seconds but that was enough for me to know I was experiencing an earthquake. Once she arrived, we immediately headed towards home.

The following morning, upon waking up next to her, we continued where we had left off before falling asleep. I was also thinking about our staff and Sherpa friends who were shattered around Kathmandu and further a field. Further into the theatre everything was undisturbed; the auditorium, stage area, fly tower and dressing rooms intact.

You will be asked to participate in the retrofitting process in the following ways. But, the news is good. Dawa had made me coffee and two boiled eggs, offered me a shower and I said I was fine.

If this happens, extensive structural damage is likely to be the result. I trip that without traffic takes minutes ended up taking 4. There are also some other code-required installations that must be done whenever any building permit is involved.

Trying to get everyone out of the country was very challenging and trying to get information from our Mera peak team was difficult.

The retrofitting contractor will obtain the building permit and deliver it to your home. It was felt as far away as Dunedin and Greymouth. Mary's Anglican church in MerivaleSt.

We waited on open ground at the hotel. This is located in the Southern East part of Australia. If the flexible pads are properly chosen, the forces induced by ground shaking can be a few times smaller than that experienced by the building built directly on ground, namely a fixed base building fig 1c.

Duvauchelle Hotel was also seriously affected. A tremor of 5. Insurance company practices do change.

2011 Christchurch earthquake

The decay does not reveal itself above the sill, but is inside the concrete where it cannot be seen. Many houses, especially those built in the s and s or later, are constructed with the floor framing set directly on the foundation sill.

I also tried too hard to fit in and act Japanese, which always left me frustrated when I failed. This helps in further reducing the seismic response of the building. As we got prepared for the evening, I brought some of my radios out of the house.

With this collapse, the house appears to have been vaulted to one side on its sub-area walls. On 26 DecemberBoxing Daya swarm of more than 32 shallow aftershocks, [28] many centred directly under the city, [34] occurred throughout the day, beginning with a 4.

It was unclear what the response would be and how quickly it would come. Thus, no force is transferred to the building due to the shaking of the ground; simply, the building does not experience the earthquake.

Like the page and keep track of what we are doing. Right now I am hiding in my attic trying to protect myself while a catastrophic earthquake is pulling down trees, power lines are falling, things are falling off all the shelves in my house and it is really dangerous.

This is why engineers, building officials, insurance companies, public safety agencies and others who have observed past earthquake situations recommend, almost without exception, that homeowners have their houses improved for better earthquake resistance.

Some information about the earthquake resistance of your house can be obtained simply from knowing when it was constructed. Effects outside Christchurch[ edit ] Central Kaiapoi suffered major damage; many of the town's buildings had to be bulldozed as a result of the earthquake and subsequent quake in February The Canterbury earthquake (also known as the Darfield earthquake) struck the South Island of New Zealand with a moment magnitude of at am local time on 4 September, and had a maximum perceived intensity of X (Extreme) on the Mercalli intensity scale.

Some damaging aftershocks followed the main event, the strongest of which was a magnitude shock known as the Christchurch. webstore Request for Consultation: posted 1/15/ EARTHQUAKE INSURANCE TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY THAT IS THE QUESTION. have spoken to many managers and boards of directors in the State of California about the earthquake insurance crisis.

My Earthquake Experience, by Tim Kerr – as recalled 20 May The February ‘quake that did so much damage and resulted in so many deaths was of no great moment for me.


At the time I was employed as a temp driver for Steelbro, manufacturers of swing-lift container trailers. Namaste. I have never been in anything as life changing as a big earthquake or something similar so I don’t have any experience on how it feels after it is done. I want to stray from my usually technical content for a brief moment to talk about what happened on Fri.

My earthquake experience

As many of you may now, I am located just south of Tokyo, Japan. I had quite a scare while at my office during the earthquake. Me and my colleagues knew after about 5 seconds [ ]. Today we’re gonna talk about what you should keep handy in an earthquake survival kit if you live in a place that has could keep this bag in your car but just make sure you have it where you could get to it if you get more than just some rumblings.

My earthquake experience
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